Recent hurricanes and other planetary events compel people to wonder how they might help improve life on our planet, protect the environment and make life easier for all who live here.

Some want to lobby Congress. Fine but for many of us, 'been there, done that,' explains our success on this effort to date though some progress has been made in the US and worldwide. There are other things we can also do: like change our own personal habits. To change the world. Reduce pollution. Improve things. Before it is too late. Soooo here are a few ideas you might adopt in a new personal pledge no one has to know about, though we all should be working on changing our habits for a better life, a better, kinder planet.  Consider this:

Accept the Challenge.

Without Congress.

Change your habits. Set the example. Save the planet.

Step Up America.

Take the pledge and do your part. Now.

We don't need Trump.

We don't need Hilary.

And we never needed Congress.

We just need US - to change our habits, for ourselves, for our families, for the planet.

Take the pledge. Add some habits you can change and change them too. For the better. For everyone.

Hereafter, to save the planet I will:

-Transportation/Work: I will take public transit or ride my bicycle to work as much as possible. Safely. Or telecommute from home. Or find a different employer. Or share rides.

-Food: I shall eat what I buy. And I will try growing my own food.

-Housing: I will insulate the walls, windows and doors where I live. Period. I will move to a place where heat is not necessary to survive. I will live in less space and use less energy.

-Lawns: I will buy a non-motorized push mower or some goats to keep the grass down or grow some flowers to encourage bees, butterflies and wildlife.

-Petrochemicals: I pledge to no longer use pesticides, herbicides that are harmful to me, my family and the planet.

-Vacations: Fewer airplanes. More trains and buses. More car-pooling.

-Community: I will proactively encourage public officials and others in charge of or who own buildings to weatherize them as needed and to reduce energy consumption if they have not already done so. And I will ask them to apply for the Step Up America Good Seal of Approval when they do and recommend it be granted after verifying compliance with energy-saving investments and habits.

-FAMILY: I will encourage all members of my family and my friends to adopt these and other good habits to help save our planet, and ourselves, and our children and grandchildren

I promise to change MY habits to protect where we live. 

I do not need an act of Congress to do so.

Take the pledge: I will save this planet now.

No one is watching. 

Only you will know but if we fail each other, we will all soon find out.

We can do it.

Step Up America!

Also, generally speaking-->

Find a place to contribute - your time, money, knowledge and experience.

Help kids, the elderly or infirm, cleaning up our environment - pro actively or passively (like by changing your habits to include recycling and reusing stuff, carpooling, reducing your energy consumption.)

Find a place to plug in and help:  food pantries, hospitals, homeless shelters, VA hospitals, senior centers, school.

Get in shape! BE fit!   Exercise. Less time on electronic devices. Quit smoking. Do some triathlalons. LIVE better.

Change things. Run for public office! Get involved and lobby for what YOU want and need.

How hard is this?

Step Up America!